Customizable Products for Agritainment Providers and Promoters!

With more than a dozen years experience in agritourism development and farm marketing, MacArt Studios is developing a line of retail, signage, and product related ideas for Farm Attractions!

Jo and Richard MacArthurs have combined their original creativity, production expertise, and strategic intent- into Fun, Market-friendly, Memorable ideas for your farm site, and market/retail experiences.


FarmMerch products are unique, and exciting ideas that will help further your own farm brand's power. All our products are customized to your logo and website to ensure your customers turn into Brand Champions! As a bulk-buyer, we can offer great wholesale pricing on many of our products. We can all power each other's marketing needs, while working as a agritainment community, and collectively creating excellent resources for our industry's future. 

MacArt adds new product to this page every week. Stay tuned!