Egg Challenge- an Easter 'Seek & Find' site game (Files Only)

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This is a simple Easter themed 'Seek & Find' game that adds an easy activity to your market or play area with minimal effort.  Your guests will have a great time searching for the correct egg.

Provided with the game set:

  • 1 Game sign to engage your guests into play (24" x 18"). The sign also comes with 11 extra eggs (all different designs) that velcro to the board, so you can change the egg to seek, day to day. (good for repeat visitors).  

  • 12 unique egg signs (for seeking) for you to affix anywhere you choose, indoors or out.  (Each egg is 15" high, but you can re-size to anything you like). 

Contesting Add-ons: 

We can add a contesting element to increase excitement, and collect data for your e-lists. This is a great time of year to promote Season Passes.. as the prize to your contest. (hint: some will get the idea to purchase a pass when they don't win) 

Optional Add-on items to encourage contesting and/or data collection. Extra fees apply. Please let us know what you need. 

    • - Business card ballots to hand out (randomized eggs) 

- QR code & Contesting page (mobile friendly) for guests to enter their info & enter your contest. You will determine contesting details and approve the materials.