Easter Treat Trail- a Seek & Find Tractor Ride.

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This is a simple Easter themed 'Seek & Find' game that adds an easy activity to your tractor ride.  Your guests will have a great time searching for treats along the way. Simple Fun- No sugar added:) 

Provided with the game set:

    • 1 Game sign to engage your guests into play (24" x 36"). This should be affixed in the tractor for all to see. Size can be adjusted as you need. 

    • 7 oversized treat signs- made out of aluminum composite. Install anywhere along your tractor ride. Sizes Vary- see image for complete details. 

These materials will last you for decades of easy, add-on Easter theming & fun.


Add a contest! 

We can add a contesting element to increase excitement, and collect data for your e-lists. This is a great time of year to promote Season Passes.. as the prize to your contest. (hint: some will get the idea to purchase a pass when they don't win) 

Ask about our add-on QR code & Contesting page (mobile friendly) for guests to enter track the treats as they find them, and at the end- provide their info & enter your contest. You will determine contesting details and approve the materials. Your signage design will be editing to promote the QR code option.