Egg Sorting Station (File Only)

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Complete your egg hunt adventure with this attractive egg sorting station! 

When your guests come back with their eggs, give them an interactive way to sort the eggs for you:) Simply place a basked behind each egg hole, and the eggs will be (mostly) pre-organized for your team to get them back out there. This will help in balancing the eggs out in the field, so that the colors are evenly dispersed. 

Also makes a great photo opp with your logo on display.

Download and Produce Locally.

All our downloadable sign files are customized with your logo and then provided in high resolution for excellent reproduction,  with an open reproduction license for your use only. The professional file package will also include Vector cut lines, so that the signs can be shaped mechanically on a Router table.

Full service downloads: Our studio team will be here to support your production people along the way. The Egg sorting station is sized to maximize the fit within a 4' x 8' sheet. You can change the size of the file proportionally, to best suit your needs. 

Customizing with your farm logo is included in the cost.