Groovy GameBoards®

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Check out this Groovy collection of Outdoor durable boards that engage your visitors in social play, without any supervision or facilitation needed.

MacArt's Groovy GamesBoards® offer simple-to-understand games, in an attention-grabbing format that engages your visitors into play. 

The game-play is social, cross-generational and sure to be captured in many pictures and memories.  Players will use the spinner to get around the board and follow the rules for gameplay. Each game is different. 

Groovy Games are built with our smooth channel systems, that have been reliably traffic-tested at outdoor attractions and public parks, since 2017.  Easy to install, Groovy Games are strong & weather-proof - and best of all -  are always ready to play, with all the pieces locked in, and instructions provided.  Groovy!!


 'Take turns spinning the wheel, and moving your tractor to the next square of that colour. When you land on the special arrows- you will more forward or backward along the track. To win, you must land on the final square- which is harder than it seems!"

As always, our products are printed with U.V stable inks and laminated against wear and