'We Chop Local' Hangers / Tree Tags

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Nothing says 'Christmas Pride' like a custom "We Chop Local" message. These local pride tree tags are customized with your farm brand. 

Customers will hang them from their trees with care (or wreath, or bag, or even rearview mirror). You'd be surprised how keen they are to advertise for you. Buying one's Christmas Tree from the local farm is a point of personal pride, and social conversation during the holiday season. This tag will ensure that everyone knows where their tree comes from, and encourage more word-of-mouth marketing for your farm.  'I chop local.. do you?' 😉

Sold in batches of 500 or 1,000 tags without dates (use any year), printed on 14 pt. coated card stock (4" x 5")  which will last nicely through the month. They are hole punched for easy installation. You will supply the ribbon or string on site. They can be ordered as "Door-hangers" shape which avoids adding a string your ribbon. If interested, please ask for pricing details.