In-a-Row Kits

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Created for our buyers by request- 'In-a-Row' is easy to understand and fun for all ages. Our over-sized, themed sets look great and invite people over to play. 

Weather and Mess Proof: It sits outdoors and takes the weather with no problem, built from our trusted American-made composite materials. Leave it near food service areas, and wipe it clean with ease. Its larger size makes it attention grabbing, and sturdier than most of the other plastic models available online.  

DIY Building Plans are included. As always, no lumber is supplied with this product- you will build the board and the frame with our provided parts and plans. It's a simple build that would take 2-3 hours, with approximately 80$ worth of lumber/materials. 



These DIY game kits differ from the other sets available on the market in some key ways:

1) it is brighter and more engaging with its themed ideas, and

2) it is much heavier and more robust. The materials we are sending you with this kit will never warp or get damaged with weather or abuse. The discs will last you many years, and you will be surprised to find that none really do go missing. 


Important note about Production Batching: In order to be efficient in our studio, we produce all of these products in quarterly batches. Visit our manufacturing page for more info.