Silly Walks - Trail Game

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  • Add Crazy Fun and Silly Smiles to any Maze or Trail
  • Self-Guided - no paper or app needed
  • Playful Moments create shareable fun
  • The Guests are the entertainment
  • Works in any maze or trail

We're putting a new spin on it!   No paper, pencils needed - just a willingness to act a little silly and play along. Your visitors simply spin the spinners provided at each station, and then perform their "silly walk" challenge to the next station. There are three different spinner signs with seven silly walks on each station. Pretty soon, your trail will be alive with the sounds of people clucking like chickens, acting like superheroes, or counting their steps out loud. Very Silly!

Everything you need is provided with the game set:

  • 1 "Welcome to our Silly Walk" sign.
  • 6 Silly Spinners  (extras available in packs of 3) 
  • 1 exit "Silly Face" photo opp sign

Important note about Production Batching: In order to be efficient in our studio, we produce all of these products in quarterly batches. Visit our manufacturing page for more info.